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Straightening and cutting machine

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Straightening and cutting machine

Straightening and cutting machine

Name: Straightening Cutter
Process: machining; grinding processing; assembly; surface treatment
Processing methods: processing; sample processing; OEM processing; ODM processing; to map processing


It is the main business of Luoyang Hongte Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Our company was originally the China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Group Luoyang locomotive factory repair machine factory, in 2004 according to the relevant provisions of the state Restructuring for the Luoyang Hong special machinery and equipment Limited. The company mainly for the steel straightening cutting machine manufacturing sales, machinery and equipment overhaul, non-standard equipment manufacturing. The company is strong in technology, well-equipped, high technical staff quality. The company developed high-efficiency steel straightening cutting machine has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, high efficiency, good quality, by domestic and foreign steel dealers, steel welded wire mesh production enterprises, steel distribution centers and other users of praise. Products have been exported to Laos Myanmar Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Europe. Welcome friends from all walks of life patrons, visit the guide.

Straightening cutter for more information
Brand: Hunt
Straightening and cutting machine Model: GT6 / 12TW type
Product Alias: Straightening Cutter Straightening Cutter
Product use: steel straightening and cutting cut 3-13
Straightening cutter type: steel cutting machine
Whether to provide custom processing: Yes

Straightening and cutting machine product features
1. Fast: the machine's maximum cutting speed of 136 m / min, is the current homemade machine 3-4 times.
2. The scale of the standard: the characteristics of the machine is the size of precision, cut length error ≤ ± 1mm
3. Straightening accuracy: Straightening straight after the straightness of ≤ 2mm / m, higher than the accuracy of similar machines.
4. Straightening machine can be shortened shortening: the shortest control of the length of only 0.8 meters, is the current domestic machines can not be achieved. This is particularly useful for enterprises that produce steel wire mesh.
5. Applicable to all kinds of wire: the straightening part of the machine is unique, suitable for hot-rolled / cold-rolled / round / ribbed a variety of wire rods.
6. Straightening and cutting machine control Intelligent: The machine uses programmable logic controller (PLC) for control, operation, adjustment is simple and reliable.
7. Low failure rate: As the parts processing fine, strict quality control, so the installation and commissioning, under normal working conditions, long-term maintenance without delay.

Straightening and cutting machine technical parameters

Straightening and cutting machine products


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